Welcome to Mr. NK Mehta and Mrs. MF Dani Arts College.

B.A, SEM 1 admission process will continue from July 2022

Friends whose student code or application number is not linked should send a form with the application number on WhatsApp to +91 90999 53108 to verify and call only when needed.

We will begin the admission process as soon as possible. Before you participate in the admission to B.A SEM One, be sure about your Student Code (Application Number). Without a Student Code (Application Number) you cannot fill the college admission form. Therefore, please collect your Student Code (Application Number) before you apply for admission. Basically when you fill the form in Shri Govind Guru University website you get Student Code (Application Number). * First year B.Sc. of Shri Govind Guru University. Admission to any college will not be possible without joining the online process for admission to A. (BA-SEM-1).

Compulsory writing of WhatsApp / Mobile and e-mail by the student-parent from enrollment to result of semester 1 to 5 Enrollment Form / Exam Form: – Programs / Scholarships / Academic Lectures / Curriculum / Exam Receipt / Result – Important University Notices Students can write their own WhatsApp number / e-mail in the admission form so that they can be found from the parent’s WhatsApp and e-mail. Do not change from 1 to 6 which is in the best interest of the students.

Important rules

Be sure to check your Student Code (Application Number) before filling out the form. If the form is filled in someone else’s Student Code (Application Number) then it will not be the responsibility of the college.
When you enter the Student Code (Application Number) it will show your information. If you notice a change, change it there. And other required information.
Remember that it is important to provide an email id. Without it you will not know whether you have come to Merit or not.
Out of the total applications for admission and allotment of subjects, the main subjects are (1) Sociology (2) Sanskrit (3) Gujarati (4) Hindi (4) Psychology respectively. After selecting / allocating the subject, in the first round, about 60 students have to fill both the form and fee online within seven days from the day of merit declaration to fill the admission form and fee directly through online process.
Fill in the form and fees in the first round within the stipulated time limit in the second round as per the number of vacancies in the subject in the first round from the waiting list.
Students with high merit who want to get admission in Nursing or any other course other than Ats: do not fill the admission form and fee voluntarily and give up their admission right voluntarily. So that the students with waiting list are not deprived of admission. (And no student fees will be refunded.)
For the economically weaker class, students who want to avail all the reserved categories including EWS, the certificate of the reserved category from the previous year will also be considered valid. (Those who do not upload the certificate will be counted in the All General list.)
According to the intake, admission in the third round will be allotted after getting the approval of the university from the All General Waiting List after all the categories are filled.
The first merit list will be posted on the college’s website before the date is announced. Ta. Will be announced from 11/07/2020.
The only way to go online is to go to the college’s website on merit, fill in the college admission form and also the session fee through all the online net banking mediums and get admission by completing the online process.
Download the admission form and the fee receipt from the college’s website and give one copy only when the college asks for it and keep one copy with the student.
From 17/02/30, the academic work of Sem.1 will start as per routine / status quo. Which is convenient for everyone.
Everyone will have strict adherence and binding of social distance rules. Mandatory wearing of a mask, use of a sanitizer, and frequent hand washing with soap. Don’t go out of the house except for compulsory work. Introduce or contact via WhatsApp / Fan e-mail.